Apostles and their clues

One can usually identify the saint from what he is holding ,like the ones in Saint Peter's Square.

Apostles and their clues

Can you identify an apostle’s image using clues from what he is holding?

Christians believe that Jesus is the fulfilment of all the Old Testament prophecies pertaining to the messiah. After a long night of prayer Jesus chose twelve apostles from among his disciples – the inner-circle he trained to be the foundation of his Church. The number twelve is not coincidental: it is Christ’s way of identifying himself as the new David who brought together the scattered twelve tribes of Israel. Christ is claiming David’s kingship as he is the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy:“a shoot shall sprout from the stump of Jesse.” This, of course, makes sense when we realize Isaiah is talking about Jesse, the father of King David.

Christ lived with these twelve so he could teach them. After a brief moment of fear after his death, the apostles scattered to hide, thinking they, too, will be killed as a follower of Jesus who is branded a rebel. Pentecost would change that, for after the Holy Spirit descended upon them, they had the courage to proclaim the good news that Christ taught them. Through this unwavering faith, all of them, save one, died martyrs to witness the faith.

Early Christians revered these martyrs and soon artists drew images of them. Pretty soon there were too many to identify just by looks alone, so artists added items on the images so we can recognize them more easily.

The knave of the John Lateran Basilica in Rome is flanked by statues of the twelve apostles. There are six on each side, each inside an alcove that have pillars that seem to support the structure of the building – an apt symbolism that they are the foundation of the Church.

Can you identify each of them from the items they have?

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