Objects of Liturgy

In liturgy we use specific objects for specific functions. Can you name them?

Objects of Liturgy

Can you identify the name of a liturgical object from its image and description?

Catholics praise and worship God through the Liturgy. It is an act done towards the Father, performed by the Whole Christ – a term used to describe that the Church, the body of Christ is one with Christ the head in this act.

Liturgical acts can be done as an individual. For example, one can pray the Liturgy of the Hours on his or her own, and it can also be prayed with others as a group.

Some liturgical activities require accoutrements with very specific functions, and they are consecrated in the sense that they are“set aside" only for religious use. The chalice, for example, is used only for the blood of Christ and must not be used for anything else; it would be a sacrilege to do so.

The use of objects for religious purposes is very Scriptural in nature. For example, God instructed that a hyssop branch be used to smear the blood of a lamb on the doorposts and lintel. God also instructed Moses to build the Ark of the Covenant for liturgical purposes. He even gave instructions on how it should be carried by poles. When King David asked the Ark to be brought to Jerusalem, the people brought it on a cart, and at one point it was about to topple. A man by the name of Uzzah, kept it from tipping but he was struck dead on the spot for this irreverent act – a lesson declaring that we are not asked to worship religious objects, but we must have reverence for them.

We have assembled ten such objects in this quiz that you usually see in the course of the liturgy. Can you name them?

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