Major Heresies

The Council of Chalcedon in 451 AD, declared that Christ is one person with two natures – fully human and fully divine.

Major Heresies

Can you identify the heresy based on its description?

For Catholics, a heresy is the conscious rejection of one or more established beliefs. It comes from the Greek word hariesisthai that means“to choose”. It is an apt word because one chooses his own beliefs over that of the ones taught by the Church’s authority.

One of the marks of the Church is that it is catholic that comes from the words“kata holos" meaning“according to the whole.” It means it is a church that does not discriminate so that it is open to anyone regardless of race, age, gender, social or financial status. It is also catholic in the sense where the Pope and bishops are in agreement of doctrine and as a whole teach this through the Magisterium – the teaching office of the Church.

If we, out of ignorance, believe something else from what the Church teaches we are just misguided. But when the error is pointed out to us and yet stubbornly continue to choose the erroneous doctrine, that makes us a heretic.

Heresies sprung up around the year 90, and the Church valiantly fought against them to keep official doctrine unadulterated. We have listed fifteen of them here, which are considered important in the sense that we learn what it is we believe from knowing what not to believe.

Can you name these fifteen major heresies the Catholic Church rejects?

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