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Dedication of St. Mary Major Basilica

We celebrate the dedication of St. Mary Major Basilica on August 5 as a reminder that Jesus is God.

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Jesus, the Morning Star

In the movie Ignacio de Loyola, there is a profuse reference to the phrase 'morning star'. Because it can refer to two different things, it can get confusing. Here is a quick guide to understanding the phrase to better appreciate the movie.

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The Spurious Prophecies of St. Malachy

There was a hullabaloo about an alleged prophecy by St. Malachy indicating that Pope Francis would be the last Pope. By investigating this, we find no documents about it except for a timely discovery during a conclave...

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What the Pope Is and Is Not (and Why He Is Important)

Some think the pope meddles into human affairs by making rules through absolute power. On the contrary, his prime role is to safeguard doctrine as it was handed down by the apostles. A reading from Isaiah, in this article, can help us understand this.

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