Will there be sex after the Last Judgment?

When we resurrect at the end of time, our bodies will be transformed and so will sexuality.

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Is God stupid?

God knows everything and if so, he knew humankind would fall. Was it not foolish for him to create us if he knew we would disobey him? The answer might surprise you.

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Why is there a feast for the Holy Name of Jesus?

The Bible gives names to persons based on their characteristics. The name of Jesus tells us who he is as well as his role in salvation.

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Where did celebrating in graves come from?

Filipinos like to commemorate All Saints Day by going to the cemeteries to celebrate with food, drink, music, and games. It comes from a Roman practice that was transformed by the early Christians and altered by cultures along the generations.

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Why are certain Sundays called Sundays in Ordinary Time?

Some Sundays do not fall within a season such as Lent or Easter. In order to know which Sunday is which, they are counted. Ordinals are used to count, thus they are called ordinary.

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Why do Catholics say Mary didn’t have other children aside from Jesus when the bible says he had brothers?

When one reads the original Greek, we find out that the word describing the relationship does not necessarily mean blood brother. In fact as we piece together some verses we can see that James - the brother of the Lord - is not a cousin of some sort.

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What do grown-ups mean when they say, offer up your suffering?

Christ did not come to save us from suffering, but through it. He offered his suffering to the Father, and we can do that too, especially during the mass when we can piggy-back on Christ's self offering and offer ours as well.

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Why do you pray the rosary when it is vain repetition?

Repetition is not always vain. We need to get the context of what vain repetition is by reading the entire text of what Christ said so we can get it from context. Christ himself prayed the same prayer three times...

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My atheist-leaning friends say we cherry-pick on what is literal and what is not when we read the Bible. Is this true?

While the Bible is a book, it is also a collection of books. So depending on the book being read, we need to adjust the way we read it. The Psalms, for example, do not contain literal truths, but truths expressed in poetry and song...

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What does it mean there is no salvation outside the Church? Does that mean if you are not in the Catholic Church you will not be saved?

No that's not what it means. Salvation is God's prerogative so he can save anyone regardless of what Church he or she may belong to. What this statement expresses is that the Catholic Church has the tools to attain salvation in the form of sacraments...

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