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The Creation of Adam

While the fresco is probably the most recognized work of art and visually tells of Adam's creation, this ArtSpeaks will investigate the other persons in this image and it's massive implication in understanding creation.

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Dance of Death

The Dance of Death was a somewhat morbid fresco that could be found in early churches. This ArtSpeaks explains what it is and why churches would have them in their walls.

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Baptism of Christ, Our Lady of Pastures

This obscure mural depicting the Baptism of Christ reminds us of the Crucifixion, the crossing of the Jordan into the promised land, and our ability to be tempted.

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Disputation of the Holy Sacrament

This Fresco in the Vatican Palace reveals many recurring themes that have been taught and passed down through the ages such as The Communion of Saint, the origin of the Holy Spirit, the Real Presence, and the acceptance of mystery.

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Christ in Limbo

When we profess in the creed that Christ descended to the dead, we say that he freed all those good people who were not able to enter heaven before his death opened it. Fra Angelico gives us interesting details especially the devil crushed by the door...

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The Last Judgment

The fresco by Michaelangelo illustrates what will happen in what doctrine calls the Last Judgment when all of mankind will be judged according to his works. The dead are being resurrected...

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