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The Richness of the Annunciation in the Catholic Context

When read in the Catholic context, the Annunciation story has deep meaning when connected to Scripture and doctrine.

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Our Lady of Sorrows

We ponder why Mary, conceived without sin and remained sinless all her life, had to suffer if suffering is a punishment for sin. The answer is tied to why we celebrate this feast.

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Mary the Morning Star

Since God created the cosmos to show his glory, early Christians have used it speak about Christ and his mother. This article will explore why we call Mary the Morning Star.

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Hosanna in the Highest

During mass we say or sing Hosanna in the Highest. The word Hosanna comes from one of the Psalms, which is reminiscent of Christ's entry into Jerusalem. We say it during mass because he is about to enter into our midst when the bread becomes his body...

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