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Feast of the Guardian Angels

The Church teaches us that we each have a guardian angel. This article explains what they are and how we can have a relationship with them.

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The Most Holy Name of Mary

We celebrate the Holy name of Mary because it evokes scenes from Scripture: the wedding of Naomi, and the lovers in the Song of Songs.

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Mary Mother of the Church

One of Mary's titles is Mother of the Church. Since she did not give birth to the Church, we should understand why she is given this title.

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The Sacraments are meant to make us more like Christ

The grace from each of the seven sacraments are meant to make us more and more like Christ. In this article we look at how each of the sacraments configures us to Christ.

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Metaphors of the Church

The Church is depicted as barque, a sheepfold, a cultivated vineyard, the building of God, and the bride of Christ. In this article we will try to delve into the meaning of each of these.

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