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Why the Assumption is Important

Some Catholics know what the Assumption is, and even less know why it is important. This article explains a little bit of what the Assumption is and why it is important to us.

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Dedication of St. Mary Major Basilica

We celebrate the dedication of St. Mary Major Basilica on August 5 as a reminder that Jesus is God.

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How Christ's Crucifixion Saves Us

We say Christ died on the cross to save us, but how exactly does it do that? This article explores the five models that explain how the Passion brings us eternal life

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A Primer on Angels

Our belief in angels can be influenced by strange depictions of them by popular media. It goes to show what we know about these spiritual creatures. This article will ferret out what the Church officially teaches, from what is suggested by theologians.

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Effects of Original Sin

The original design of man included three preternatural gifts, and one important supernatural gift. When Adam and Eve separated themselves from God, these gifts were lost. This article discusses what it is we lost and how grace is needed to perfect us ...

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