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Spiritual Reading for a Balanced Life

Spiritual Reading balances the barrage of media that may have negative effects on our mental health. This article explains how to do Spiritual Reading in the Catholic tradition.

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Emptying Purgatory

The Church prescribes some works we can do to merit indulgences we can apply to those in purgatory during Lent.

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A Sky Full of Stars: Know Our Lady through her titles in the Litany

Some of Mary's titles elude us. The book A Sky Full of Stars explains in great detail each of Mary's titles so we can meet her the way the Church introduces Our Lady.

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Proper Disposition in Prayer

It is always good to pray hoping God will grant us what we ask for. However, our expectations might get disordered if we think God has to do what we want simply because we pray for it. This article takes a look at what kind of disposition we should have.

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Mental Prayer — Part 2 of 2: How to do it

The concept of mental prayer is to find out what God wants us to do. This is a general guide for someone who wants to start mental prayer based on a book by Fr. John Bartunek

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Mental Prayer — Part 1 of 2: Why we need it

There are many types of prayer, but mental prayer is the one that develops and maintains a relationship with Christ. This article will explain why.

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