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Emptying Purgatory

The Church prescribes some works we can do to merit indulgences we can apply to those in purgatory during Lent.

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Don't Miss These Symbolisms At Your Next Mass

Most Catholics miss the symbolisms built into the mass. Listed in this article are some of those symbols in words, objects, and gestures.

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The Sacraments are meant to make us more like Christ

The grace from each of the seven sacraments are meant to make us more and more like Christ. In this article we look at how each of the sacraments configures us to Christ.

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The Importance of Christ's Circumcision

We gloss over the circumcision of Jesus, but when we learn that his circumcision has great implication about his genealogy, the meaning of our baptism becomes apparent.

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God's Holy Name

When Moses asks God what his name is, God replies with his nature. This article explores the meaning of this, and its continuation in the New Testament as Jesus' name.

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Filial Adoption and Baptism

Saint Paul, in his letters, expresses that baptism takes the place of circumcision when a father claims a son to be his own. By understanding what circumcision is to Jewish culture of the time, we can understand how we become God's children at baptism.

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